Hon. Guest

Ah! Here they come
The ones that claim we elected them
With their black ‘jeeps’ and tinted windows
Dressed in their white on white agbadas
With uniform men running around
Waving their guns to open doors for the civilian
While thousands of civilians are being massacred
Here they are, protectors of the realm dinning with
Their’’Ogas at the top’’, one life with money and power
Is worth more than thousands without homes

There they are our celebrity leaders
They have a guest, dinning and talking will not
Come cheap, for election is never cheap to win
The gathering of the mighty and powerful
To talk about the future of our beloved nation
With the popular foreigner, now an indigene
The topic of the day will be ‘The way forward’

We can see our leaders shinning their perfect set
We look at ourselves, licking cracked lips
Everyone with a mouth full of faith, waiting with dry joy
Nonetheless, Hon. Guest was even cheerier
Then we picked up our cups of grumbles,
Trying to hide the vicious expressions on our faces
We carried on with our abnormal lives, still waiting
And them, with their usual bouquets even happier

Our leaders and their guest, Corruption
Have their tables full of the ‘usual’
Bottles of exotic lies and visions of selfishness
We have our grounds full of the ‘’abnormal’’
Cups full of innocent bloods and poverty
With rotten plates, full of hopes for the future
However, we have hopes and they have lies

We met with the foreigner and we discussed
Our leaders say; so we asked the spokesperson to tell us
Since we never heard, but we listened most
Even the spokesman did not understand the
Big message that oga has just told him
But that handshake could not be missed by all
For even the children with their flags waiting
Thought the movement of the handshake was fanciful
For the joy on our visitor’s face seems priceless

I want to speak up for the betterment of tomorrow
The waste of the present from their left overs
Upcoming generations must hear and be watchful
Of the pleasures our leaders had with their guest
Yet I stand-alone; let us raise our voices in large numbers
To remind our leaders of their promises
Before they swore us their oath of office
For when we all speak in one voice, only then
Can we truly hear what their meeting was all about.

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