The child in me

Where has my innocence gone?
I have searched every corner of the room
Yet I still cannot find it, so I am done
With the feeling of anger and hatred that loom
In my heart, for nobody cares to listen
Even as these tears never stops flowing

Have you found love lately?
If you have, show me the direction
For my body is starving, mostly
Of loneliness and there is no nutrition
Left inside of me, to give me the strength
I need to smile and be cheerful

Is Cupid still enjoying the long vacation?
For there is chaos, no one knows who started
The wars and killings, and my prediction
Seems to be wrong about peace, for wasted
Rotten bodies lying on the roadsides
Tells there is more hatred than love

Look, I will not stop searching
I know we all feeling faze
Do not let the wars stop you from loving
For we are all running in a large maze
That’s has been mastered by greedy
Hearts. If love has the numbers, she will win.

for Ayeme

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