Unheard Rhythm

Play me a good song, so I can dance
My body is stiff, it needs to be loose
My feet are cold, they need some warmth
Let my heart feel the rhythm of love, as they say
As I move my body and soul in happiness

Read me a good poem, so I can smile
Let the words be sweet, so I can crave for more
Nature is far too beautiful for me not to see and hear
The tunes play by the birds soaring high above. For happiness
Can be free if we can reach for it and keep it always

Paint me a picture of the sea; let it be blue
I want to see all the creatures, weird and beautiful
Show me truly, if there are mermaids that know more about love
Then maybe we will know the truth about titanic
But do not take me to the sun, for I am already burning

Our leaders have used their greed and selfishness
To cause us wars and chaos, now the heat from their guns
Is causing my heart pains, my feet won’t even move
The sea creatures are hiding, the mermaids angry
The birds will not fly for fear of stray bullets and lack of gas masks

Where is the power in numbers of those who care?
Let us join forces, so we can hear the birds singing
Oh what joy it will be, if the mermaids teach our children
How to swim and love, as we dance and paint the world with love