Alone times

How long can she hide the charade?
That covers her beauty like a masquerade.
For even in her smile, one could tell she covet for an adventure
An unobtrusive beast within, waiting to exploit her
Callow youthful mind for the future

‘’An angel you are’’; with a coquettish smile
A faint simper, my heart was already vile
My heartbeat, though calm, but loud and salient
Beautiful and daring, she is far too decent
To be a smoker and loner or a stoner
As my curious mind, urge to be her defender

The blue flames from the lighter,
Wore her cigarette with red lipsticks;
‘’ Why sit alone under a tree, a loner?’’
‘’Certainly not; sometimes my mind does play tricks’’
A foxy laughter, revealing her spotless
Unerring set of teeth, that made her face flawless

‘’Sometimes, we all need some time alone to reason’’
‘’To breathe and ponder if we are right on track’’
Sure thing, as long as it does not turn a season
At times, life is like a child that needs to be smack
‘’And who is to pet the crying the life?’’
When the smacking hurts more than a knife

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