You killed me first

Home, where is all the laughter?
The feeling of love when together
Does anyone care when you get burnt?
Who is looking when you turn
Into a monster, on the inside?
The lack of love, when you become a sadist
From loved ones who ignore your arms wide
Open, looking for a friend like a tourist

Home, where is all the trust?
When the ones you love call you a failure
They that molded you from their dust
Turn their backs on you like a lost treasure
Letting their ignorance create a monster
Of the mind, the silent filibuster
Of a lone soul filled with anger
When loved ones mistake you for a stranger

Home, why is it so quiet?
When I can hear your voices, yet I feel ignored
The lack of affection, that makes my body accept
A new world discovered waiting to be explored
For in my solitude, I found wisdom
The stillness that will lead me to freedom
Compelling me to wait for the right time to come
For in these tears shall my success be my home.

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