A story to tell

I have a story to tell..

Of corruption and poverty, takes untold

In a modern society, full of hardship as hell

Lack of trust and greed that needs to be unfold

There is a heart for sale

Only desire and money can bid

The winner smiles and the audience wail

Ignorance is made to kill any good deed

A loud cry of hunger

After the heart is sold, a new slave is bought

Promises are broken, the right is lost

With nowhere to sleep, the cry is louder

Chaos in a dark street

A youth is dead, killed by a man in a uniform

Phone batteries dead, no one could tweet

The scattered brain for there to be a reform

Tears and grumbling everywhere

But the heart is sold, no one to trust

Hence the suffering must go, the power

In numbers is divided and the strength is lost

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