A shattered world

Have you ever sat down in a dark room without lights?
Oh! The beauty of darkness as it shines
The reason the blinds see better without vision
The gift of creation, to form a world from darkness
Elated images of chaste beings waiting to be seen

Sitting alone in the darkness, I tried to be blind
To create a serene world within my mind
But the cry of the hungry child won’t let me
I tried to be deaf even, but loud generator noise
Will not let me listen to the voices in my head

Tonight, I did try to remain focused and blind
I created my own world in darkness
I gave it my own form of lighting
It is quiet, filled with merriment and harmony
Ah! The children here are cheerful and healthy

Everyone had something good to contribute
There is no dearth and suffering in sight
With the loud blast of guns, my world…brought to an end,
When I woke up and looked out the breezy night
Two adults; husband and wife with a child, dead.

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