Hunger for a Change

There is something different, about the way I feel
It must be because my voice is being stolen out of fear, crying for a change
Now I stand alone but not lost, even as my spirit is broken

I feel as though my eyes have been ripped out of my heart
It must be because of the horrors and terrors they want me to ignore daily
The madness for vanity and fame, my soul is wailing

I think my society is full of savages, with heartless creatures
It must be because of the leaders who rule without consciences
Now jobless youths obsess themselves with get rich schemes

I know there is starvation among my people, even with the vast lands
It must be because of lack of rainfall and too much oil flowing
So we all wonder if these gifts of nature are a blessing or a curse

My heart is crying for a change, yet too weak to act alone
It must be because I am just a number; I will need more numbers to save my country
Only then will my stolen voice, be heard loud enough to make a change

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