A broken woman

Last night I a saw a broken heart woman

She wore a floral skirt and black top

She has two children, a boy and a girl

From her eyes, I knew she was broken

When I greeted her, I saw the sadness

Last night I met a man, drunk and merry

He is a friend to my friend, a man without rules

And a strong appetite for sex, yet he was marry

But he was with a younger woman who is lost

In the world, seeking care from a married man

Thus, making another woman sad and broken

I know the problem of woman is not only man

Women are themselves the causes of pain

To their fellow women, for they know the truth

That a man’s heart belong to a another lady

Yet they somehow enjoy their attention

Even when they clearly see the ring in their fingers

If all men are dogs, what do you say of all women?

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