Untitled emotions

Am thinking of you my love

I am sitting out tonight

At the navy town yard

Sitting with sailors

Getting merry with tales

Looking at the ocean..

All I can think about is you

I wonder how long it will take

For me to swim across this ocean

Just to say I love you

How cold it will be, will I survive

Or will the sharks devour me ?

Will they leave my heart for you?

I hope they leave my eyes for you

To see the love in my eyes

All I think about is you smile

I am curious what your first joke will be

I just pray it’s not about how starved

And bony I look, as a result of my loneliness

For I know what my first joke will be

It will be dry and teary, a joy of a man in love

Can you feel the breeze caressing my face

Whispering your voice in my head?

With my eyes looking deep into

The ocean like you are so near to me

My heart feels it yet I cannot hold you

So I just sit here and miss you, hoping

One day the waves will send me a life boat

All I can do is think of you every second

With love in heart knowing you think of me

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