Loving one another

I am on a bus right now

Heading to Ikeja, a district in Lagos state

And a sad incident just happened

That awakened a deep feeling inside of me..

An elderly lady struggling to enter the bus

Was about to fall, so she held on to the shirt of another elderly man.

And the most horrible thing I have seen today happened,

The man slapped the lady’s hand

Rendering curses and praying to God to send back any charm and voodoo

The one is trying to cast on him

Everyone is talking, no one is listening

The old lady is just sitting in her corner

Quiet and in deep thoughts with a sad Face

I am quiet as well at the back seat looking at everyone,

This thing happened so fast that I am speechless

But here is a Christian, who is supposed to be Christ like

Helping one another to stand tall

Placing curses and using Jesus name to strike down others

We are supposed to love one another no matter what

The world will be a mess if we cannot learn to trust each other

We must not always assume the ugliest of things about others

Let’s learn to love, trust one another and put smiles on each other’s faces

Lmao….I called her ”beautiful mama” and she smiled..

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