I am a goldfish, you can’t hide me

My beauty will never let me hide myself

So I glow, and my burnt skin shines

And when I smile the sun hides her face

I am tasteless like the water

When you drink me, you will want more

So I have learned to be scarce

so you don’t abuse me out of excitement

I am darker than night itself

But don’t let my darkness deprive you of joy

For when I speak, your heart will long

For my words, because they will make you happy

I am calmer than the earth,

So I will let you walk on me, but don’t mistake me for a fool

When you walk on me be kind and be gentle

For I am soft in a hard way only nature understands

I soar higher than the eagle

My wings are strong and my vision is sharp

I can see your heart from a thousand miles

I am ready to devour your hateful hearts with my strong beak

So don’t spit on me because am quiet

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