Hunger in Town

Rapid blinking of the eyes

Dry mouth with salty saliva

Rumbling of angry worms

Discomfort in every angle

Empty tummy and wild bites

Food for thought, nothing is free

Even the worms need to survive

So they eat the walls of the stomach

Just how many people feel this way?

This grey hair is not old age but poverty

And accumulated hunger, the carry overs

From the days before, when will food be free?

They say happiness is free, who is happy

When the stomach is empty and sighing ?

With red eyes looking for a meal ticket

This country is rich in abundance

Of everything, yet the poor are hungry

The soil is fertile, yet the crops are dead

The ocean surrounds this country yet no water

To drink, so I am asking those in charge

When will this change for good?

Because you starve the people of life

You make them sleep on road sides

While you drive bye in black jeeps

So I charge my people

When will you stand up and take what is yours,

Or do you have the power in numbers ??

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