How to make Jollof Rice (African Dish)


Jollof Rice Recipe:

1. Rice.

2. Pepper {jalapeno, habanero tomatoes and onions}.

3. Butter.

4. Can tomato.

5. Vegetable oil.

6. Seasoning {curry, white pepper, thyme, salt and Maggi}.

7. Green peas, sweet corn, carrots and shrimps {optional}.

8. Chicken broth {from boiled chicken}.

9. Chopped onions, green jalapeno and tomatoes.

10. Bay leaf.

Fried Chicken

1. Chicken.

2. Seasoning {Maggi, curry, white pepper, thyme, garlic, ginger and salt}.

3. Onions.

4. Vegetable oil.

Fried Chicken Preparation

Step 1: wash the chicken to clean and put in a clean pot.

Step 2: Add chopped onions, Maggi, curry, thyme, white pepper, ginger, garlic and a pinch of salt.

Step 3: Add lot of water to boil (in other to get broth for the rice).

Step 4: Cook the chicken for 15mins to soft.

Step 5: Sieve out the chicken from the water and put in a separate bowl.

Step 6: Put the frying pan on fire (low heat) and add the vegetable oil.

Step 7: After heating the oil, add the chicken to fry, and turn sideways at intervals.

Step 8: take out the chicken from the oil ones its golden brown,

Note: place the fried chicken in a paper napkin in a sieve to drain out the oil from the chicken.


Jollof Rice Preparation


Step 1: wash the rice to clean and parboil to take out the starch, sieve after parboiled and put in a bowl separately.

Step 2: wash the pepper {jalapeno, habanero, tomatoes, onions (ginger and garlic is optional) and blend all together till the seeds disappeared.

Step 3: clean and chop tomatoes, onion, carrots, green jalapeno and carrot in cube size separately.

Step 4: sieve the broth in a separate bowl.

Step 5: put frying pan on fire and add little oil to fry the green peas, sweet corn, carrot, green jalapeno, and shrimps.

Step 6:  put the cooking pot on fire (on a low heat) and add your butter to melt and add a little oil.

Step 7: add the chopped onions to fry till soft, then add the can tomato and fry together.

Step 8: add the blended pepper to the tomato and onion mix on fire and leave to cook for 10minutes.

Step 9: when the pepper is cooked and almost fry, add the seasoning (curry, white pepper, thyme, maggi) and cover the pot and cook for another 5minutes. After the pepper is fried, add the chicken broth and water if needed to boil, then add the parboiled rice and cook for 15minutes.

When the rice is almost done (taste to be sure its tasty but if salt is needed, add a pinch of salt), add the fried shrimps,  carrot, green pea, sweet corn, chopped tomato and onion. Cover it back, reduce the temperature and leave to steam up till water is fully dry up.

Bingo…. Our Jollof Rice is ready to be served with the fried chicken……


Kelani Ganiyat



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