A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’

 Its mind boggling that Nigerians are witnessing, in the 21st Century the Hotchpotch of problems.  It is all the back and forth, the circumlocution of the merry-go round, to fix the homogeneous challenge facing Nigerians in South Africa. Who will bell the cat in this gruesome deception and melodrama? I receive with utmost discontentment and displeasure of depressive news of continued burning, Killing and Looting of Nigerians shops, in South Africa by uncircumcised barbarians and mindless criminals.                                       

The Government of Nigeria has failed the citizens of Nigeria. Therefore, it has become imperative necessity for Nigerians to question the government of the day over the nonchalant embarrassing attitude of silence and Inaction with spate of unprovoked regular killing of our fellow citizens in South Africa. How can we sit down and watch our citizen being murder by fellow Africans in the name of xenophobia. Do we not have leaders?                                                                                                                       

What happened to the principle of reciprocity in international relation diplomacy? For not taking advantage of the doctrine of reciprocity to reciprocate the attacks & killing of Nigerians in South Africa, the Nigerian citizens are displaying unpardonable cowardice. The killing of Nigerians in South Africa will continue as long as South African perceives Nigerians as cowards who cannot throw a punch in defense of their Compatriots.                                                                                                                      

 President Muhamadu Buhari must display patriotic leadership at this point over the failure of diplomacy to solve this problem. No right thinking Government will sit and watch his citizens been killed in another country. If South Africa Government cannot caution its citizens, then the Nigerian senate should brace up with alacrity and suspend Bi-Lateral ties with South Africa. Furthermore, the Nigeria president should call on Africa Union(AU), to suspend South Africa from its body since they are fast becoming Intolerable to fellow Africans for reasons that cannot be supported by common sense. These stiff measures and many more, will serve as example to the world at large, that the lives of Nigerians or any other human being matters. This is more than a campaign; this is a movement for a new phase of changing the narratives.


BY GREAT INFLUENTIAL MIND’S AFRICA                                       

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