What people refers to as lawmakers I.e legislators, is merely a deceptive and illusory assemblage of National irritants who deliberate daily pass unnecessary and unjust Bill’s and to acquire money to purchase new cars,build mansion’s and buy fantastic one’s abroad, arrogate a strange and unjustified immunity of themselves, get constituency votes for marrying new wives and serving girlfriend’s across the globe.
Since the creation of Delta State, this is most worst ,incapacitated and hopeless Assembly members that the has ever produced. The peoples pride and confident on Delta legislator’s has be puncture, because of their inability to make pro active Law’s that will better the lives of the good people of Great DELTANS ,to understand the tenets of Democracy and Democratic representation. How can our so call legislators pass pension bill for an ex Acting Governor who acted for just three weeks, a former speaker of the house who has been in the house for over sixteen years still have his way to penetrate this puppet legislators who don’t no what to do in the legislative chamber to pass pension bill for ex Acting Governor. Honestly this aberration, a rape, idiotic and a crass to Democratic legislative system.
Delta State Assembly was the most vibrant Hallowed Chamber in Nigeria and Africa at large but as of today is now describe and Alkabogislature I.e The glory and spirit of legislative activism has departed from the Assembly .base on the caliber of toothless, voiceless and rubber stamp legislators in the chamber. The mighty hills has fallen and legislative activism has gone into oblivion. Delta legislator’s are at the mercy of the Executive.
The act of law making is a very serious business. Law making is not for the mediocre nor is it for the Lilliputian. It’s for sane,vibrant, articulate and sound mind.
The truth is that majority of Nigeria lawmakers especially the one’s in Delta Assembly don’t even understand the tenet of democracy and democratic representation. They are always at the mercy of the Governor. Legislative independence should be Paramount and not to be a rubber stamp to the President or a Governor of any given State. But should be reflected to the peoples will’s, agenda and choice.
The legislature is the castle of hope for the people. It’s the most authoritative institution for turning policies into law and it does so on behalf of the people and for the people. Laws regulate society and only good law can guide it onto the path of peace and progress. It is for this reason that the legislature,is regarded as foremost, in the political Trinity of the legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Given this important of the legislature, there is an urgent need to send back our legislators to school to educate them their functions and responsibilities. Its a necessity, to enable this Arm of Government operate optimally and not look like toothless bulldog. In fact toothless bulldog even bark which means they are preferable than our legislators who can’t bark or bite.
God Bless Delta state and long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
From the desk of Prince Othuke premier CEO Great Influential Minds Organization.

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