I credence to what life is…. Life is meant to lived not to be carried, like some burden some load. Life is fun, full of expression, admiration, imagination and most believed that way, especially for all human. Life is a total phenomenon to believed and one must have the courage to live it as he/she perceived it. Life is something unique and evergreen. I visualize life as something very idyll a rare gift to be enjoyed. I believe in the totality of life. I see life as a cool, sunny bright morning. An indescribable beauty. A beautiful life -span, brief and transient to believed, reflected upon and I enjoyed most.
Life is certainly something sacrosanct to be breathed in and fortified against any profanity created by God, admire by living creatures and enjoyed by by the young’s one’s the continuity of life never dies.
Life is a gift and honesty is the best policy of life. Accept the gift of life, trust and have faith in God hoping your Determination will lead to success. Prince Othuke Premier. Writing from Great Influential Minds Organizational.Email senatorpremier Tel:+2347063696674,+2347051233347

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