For You

Dear daughter of mine

This world is full of sadness and joy

Learn to master the two so you don’t get hurt

Do not open your heart to love nor close to hate

I am your father, a man with his own selfishness

So when you are growing up to be a woman

Learn to trust only your instinct and what you feel is right by yourself

There are good people on earth but more of bad people than the good

Don’t be afraid to embrace both people

Make them your friends and be wise in dealing with them

Never let your anger speak out for you in public, but express yourself with calmness in your heart

That’s the only way you can get a listening ear

Do not rely on me nor your friends, we will all fail you

Let your trust be between you and your God

That voice in your head telling you what is good or bad

Listen to it carefully and act along with it

Let it show you the light in your heart

Do not look at your rich friends nor look down on your poor friends

You are equal before the ground, the dust will not accept any gold or silver payment

I your father have lived and learnt that goodness is within reach in the heart

But I can’t tell you am a good person

You might not be a good person

But learn to be a good judge of nature

Learn to deliver truth and justice honestly

So learn to be wise and have the understanding and knowledge of things before you act…

For my daughter Trudie Johnson

The strength of my spear

Love always

Dad, Eggy Jonson

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