Last night i spoke with your lady and in the course of our conversation I asked her about you, about your relationship. I wanted to know how she feels about you.
She was self-contented that she had a relationship with you but wasn’t happy. She wishes you’ll talk to her more, especially during the week. She feels as if you label her as asking too much from you, especially your time and attention.
Now I know you’re busy at work (she knows that too). But you’ve got to engage her despite your schedule.
You’re not naturally disposed to such emotionalism I know but there are things we do for the sake of happiness. You are not a “talker” but that is what she is missing about you. She knows that you love her but you aren’t expressive about your love for her.
You’ve got to try. Need not always be vocal conversation. Text message or Whatsapp can supplement.
*You can NEVER have a sweet relationship without mutual communication.*
Engaging conversation is important to women. The first man missed this so he created a loophole for serpent to woo his woman away into sin.
Ladies can’t do passive relationships well. You can’t have their hearts for long when you fail to have their “ear time”.
They want to feel they’re part of your life. That connection is important to women. And they like pouring out their hearts. You can’t claim to love her and you aren’t giving her time to be heard.
It’s a listening ritual for many married men. You can’t be your wife’s number one fan if you aren’t back kin listener.
Sincerious about the relationship you might as well start learning. You’re an acting husband. As a man you have to develop the emotional capacity to listen to your woman. That can seem like an extra burden. (It IS an extra burden).
But we listen because she won’t be happy otherwise; and if she’s not happy you won’t be happy. You need emotional patience to hear her out. She is a story teller while you are summary reader, yes, but you need to enter into her world for her to be happy.
Emotional patience is not the same as patience in general.
Patience in general leans more towards tolerance, not being reactionary, long suffering.
But emotional patience requires absorbent capacity. Her problem becomes yours. She’s not necessarily asking for solution to the problem though she sometimes is. Most times all she wants is a listening ear. She’s more or less fulfilling an obligation of sharing of burden. Talking is stress or burden therapy for her, so stop denying her this therapy. At such moments she wants to be sure you’re listening.

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