After a glorious Sunday Service & attending other Church Group meetings, we were both visibly tired. Church Service ended before 12 noon but we got home around 2:30pm.
On getting home, both of us wanted to retire to the bedroom and get some rest. It was then I remembered that I announced in church that NO MARRIED WOMAN MUST ENTER THE KITCHEN that afternoon. The First Lady of every home deserves to b pampered and shown some tender loving care (TLC).
For a brief moment , I thought within myself….”how on earth did I make that announcement in Church today?” As a Pastor, it is easier to give commands than to obey them but d die is already cast & I must fulfill my obligation. We must obey instructions from the Pulpit.
I watched my wife enter the bedroom while I sluggishly made my way to the kitchen. It felt like a very long lonely road. While walking to the kitchen, I knew exactly how she felt every time she had to b in that kitchen alone by herself.
To cut d long story short, I got down to business. I sweated it out alone in the kitchen. After about an hour and a half in the kitchen, I heard my wife calling out to me from the living room, “Darling, is the food ready now? I am so hungry” I could not believe my ears & thought to myself, “Was she talking to her maid or a paid cook? How can somebody just get up from the bed and be asking for food?” It did not make sense to me at all.
Then I remembered how I have done the same thing to her countless number of times.
Mine was even more like, Yelling…just because food was not ready. but wait… “how did she survive me on those tensed days….especially when I was mad at her because food wasn’t ready?”
Realising my very own shortcomings, I quickly lent myself ‘some senses….I adjusted myself and decided to play along…
“Babee, the food is ready”.
She rushed into the kitchen. On entering the kitchen, u can see d big disappointment in her eyes…
” Honey, where is the food?”
I responded giggling…”that is it on the fire” “Just chicken?”
I defended myself.. “Is chicken not food?”
Can’t you see that d burner is extremely slow? It is not my fault. I even blamed the oven.
Then she examined d burner, and burst into laughter. She laughed very hard.
“Why are u laughing?” I asked.
“Oh honey, the heat regulator is set to the lowest level, u should have increased it” Now, I didn’t find that funny…”You mean I have been waiting patiently for nothing?”
Ignoring me, she adjusted the burner and the heat was at the maximum level in no time. I guess the law of diminishing returns had Set-in for me.
“My dear, I cannot wait for your food again as I am already famished” I jerked, “so what do you want me to do?” (Hope, it is Mothers Day? We have enter it today)
“Can you quickly fry some eggs for me pleeaassee?”
“No problem. Anything for my sweetheart” (although I was weak and tired). She left me in d kitchen and went back to the sitting room. She settled down with her phone while I settled down with d cooking.
At first I wanted to protest…. “What is this selfishness for?” But when I remembered how I usually crossed my legs to watch live football matches on TV while she sweated it out in the kitchen, I became very gentle & humble.
I quickly took enough fresh eggs to fry & also ordered for fresh bread. In no time, food was ready. I set the table for my Queen. Without wasting time, she descended on the meal like a hungry lion.
“Babe, won’t you say anything to me about the meal”? I knew d meal was tasty & so was very DESPERATE to hear her compliment. To me, that will make a good CONSOLATION. To my utmost amazement, what she said next came as a rude shock to me.
“My dear husband,
This is exactly how u usually eat my meals without passing any complement. U only say thank you after enjoying the meal and THAT IS ALL”.
“What!!!…Seriously!!!….was I this callous to my Wife? I didn’t realise that I wasn’t very nice to her”. I felt very terrible. Here I was, demanding kindness, where I haven’t sown enough kindness.
It felt like I have not been playing fair…..IT FELT LIKE I HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON MY WIFE. CHEATING is not limited to adultery or sexual immorality.
CHEATING is when one partner is making more sacrifice than d other without any recognition or appreciation from the beneficiary.
CHEATING is when one partner is more forbearing and showing more commitment than the other. CHEATING is when your APPRECIATION is not commensurate with the EFFORTS of your partner.
CHEATING is always taking from ur partner & not giving anything back in return.
Examine urself today. If u are guilty of this, please, repent and STOP CHEATING ON YOUR PARTNER.
I welcome u to a Marital Bliss.

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