Men attend to Women for two reasons, SEX, and LOVE, but in
most cases, men do not Marry for Sex or for Love, they marry
Let me explain:
A man can Love you and not Marry you.
A man can have sex with you for years without marrying you.
But immediately he finds someone who brings stability in his
life, he marries her.
What I mean by Stability is “Peace of Mind”
I have seen some guys who made this statement “I love this
lady but I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life with her.”
Men are visionaries when they think about marriage, they do
not think about wedding dresses, bridesmaids, anything that
most Ladies thinks is fanciful.
They think whether this woman can build me a home,Can she
take care of my kids and I,Can she give me PEACE of mind?. Give a good woman a house and she will turn it to a peaceful,lovely and progressive home to stay; but the bad woman will destroy it completely. Men needs wife not knife.
Men don’t like Ladies who gives them discomfort, This is why
a man can stay with a woman for years and meet another in a
month, then get married to her.
It’s the comfort of having Peace of Mind they want.
Sex is a pleasure, love is an affection, RESPECT is Stability
Re-Refine your attitude and character to meet that husband of
your dream.
I love you all.

12 thoughts on “ADVICE FOR LADIES!!!

  1. Advice that explains a few things l have wondered about before and straightforward advice to be taken seriously. Question though is do the men that want this stability know what women of this substance consider as stability for themselves. A balancing act will keep and maintain the marriage for good.

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  2. That’s What Both Partners Should Seek Most In a Long Term Relationship.. Not
    Sure Where You Live
    But Generally
    Speaking in
    The United
    States Everything
    Is Instant Gratification…
    Stability Does Not
    Come in Anything
    Eventual Pain

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