The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop you will plant to harvest. The kind of potentials in you will decide the type of success you will celebrate. There's a seed of Greatness in every human be it black or white once you identify them, Polish them into the desirable standard … Continue reading KARMA OF PRODUCTIVE REALITY.


I am more concern about the nature of flower than other plants of life. Oh, how pleasant and crescent blooming flowers are that epitomizes a paradise on earth visualizing the Biblical Golden Garden of Eden. Flowers are evergreen of nature that has a Strong Tower that symbolizes the beauty and creativity of life. Oh, how … Continue reading NATURE OF FLOWERS SPEAK.

A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’

 Its mind boggling that Nigerians are witnessing, in the 21st Century the Hotchpotch of problems.  It is all the back and forth, the circumlocution of the merry-go round, to fix the homogeneous challenge facing Nigerians in South Africa. Who will bell the cat in this gruesome deception and melodrama? I receive with utmost discontentment and … Continue reading A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’