If You Are Looking For Wealth, Somebody Is Looking For Health.If You Are Looking For Health, Somebody Just Died.If You are Looking For Power, Somebody Has Acquired And Used it And Is Now Powerless.Each Time You Drive A Fancy Car, Somebody, Somewhere Is Dying In A Car Crash.Each Time a New Mansion Springs From The … Continue reading THE SMILE/TEARS OF THE PLANET FOR DIFFERENT FOLK’S.


What is a Salary? ~~~~ Salary, is a specific amount of money that an employee is paid for work done. The big question is Which type do you earn? 1. Onion Salary: - You grab it, you open it, and you cry. 2. Storm Salary: - You don’t know when it’s coming or going. 3. … Continue reading THE MYSTERY OF SALARY.


After a glorious Sunday Service & attending other Church Group meetings, we were both visibly tired. Church Service ended before 12 noon but we got home around 2:30pm.On getting home, both of us wanted to retire to the bedroom and get some rest. It was then I remembered that I announced in church that NO … Continue reading CHEATING ON YOUR WIFE.


The entire universe is completely confused of Corona Virus because they depend on their understanding, they have gone ahead to close air, water and land boarders of their countries, close schools, Churches, gatherings without going back to tell their creator that they are confused and it's become the end of the road or discussion. God … Continue reading SHOW US MERCY NOW!


A salt has no need to look like other ingredients, sends out no aroma like other's seasonings, but without it the soup is tasteless.Men of true impact don't fight for position, visibility or appearance.Their results speak for them not their propaganda.You don't need to shout to be heard, people keep quiet to listen to intelligent … Continue reading THE THEORY OF SALT/PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE.

Cabbage Stew/ Fish Sauce

Cabbage stew/ sauce(fish) Step1: Shred your cabbage,carrot scotch bonnet peppers, green bell pepper,onions and set aside. Step 2: Wash and marinate the fish with little of some curry,thyme,oregano,salt and some seasoning ( it's totally optional you Can skip the fish and make use of sausage or chicken whatever protein you choose.) Step 3: Place your … Continue reading Cabbage Stew/ Fish Sauce

How to make Jollof Rice (African Dish)

JOLLOF RICE AND CHCKEN Jollof Rice Recipe: 1. Rice. 2. Pepper {jalapeno, habanero tomatoes and onions}. 3. Butter. 4. Can tomato. 5. Vegetable oil. 6. Seasoning {curry, white pepper, thyme, salt and Maggi}. 7. Green peas, sweet corn, carrots and shrimps {optional}. 8. Chicken broth {from boiled chicken}. 9. Chopped onions, green jalapeno and tomatoes. … Continue reading How to make Jollof Rice (African Dish)