Love is sweet, it adds joy to a heart that welcome it. Drops pots of honey in it and spreads invisible colourful flowers in it. If you welcome it, You will feel happy and fulfilled, if you close your heart to it, you will feel sad and lonely, oh may I leave to always experience … Continue reading NATURE OF LOVE PART 2


Love is the matter of the heart, it needs no invitation to enter and inhabit any heart of its choice. It's an uninvited guest of honor who doesn't care about how one feels about it's presence. Love is a charm which no power can destiny? It's a sickness no doctor can cure even when you … Continue reading NATURE OF LOVE PART 1


WHO DO WE BLAME ? Don't believe that the future will take care of itself, it's a foolish mentality. The ecosystem in Suicide rates will continue to multiply in our society. Not because times are hard. The problem now is that adults are increasingly immature. The society is increasingly frivolous. People have no true friends. … Continue reading WHO DO WE BLAMED?


One great lesson we have to learned from life is that, There's no market for your emotions, so never advertise your feelings, just show your attitude. Trust means everything, but once it's broken, sorry means nothing. Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come. Never leave … Continue reading DEEP INSIDE.

A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’

 Its mind boggling that Nigerians are witnessing, in the 21st Century the Hotchpotch of problems.  It is all the back and forth, the circumlocution of the merry-go round, to fix the homogeneous challenge facing Nigerians in South Africa. Who will bell the cat in this gruesome deception and melodrama? I receive with utmost discontentment and … Continue reading A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’