It would be cloudy if you frown, rainy if you cry, clear if you're happy, sunny if you smile and stormy if you sing! Sweet fruits are nice to eat, sweet words are nice to say but sweet pure and true love are really hard to find. Oh! my goodness, how the hell did you … Continue reading WEATHER FORECAST OF LOVE FOR YOU.


I am more concern about the nature of flower than other plants of life. Oh, how pleasant and crescent blooming flowers are that epitomizes a paradise on earth visualizing the Biblical Golden Garden of Eden. Flowers are evergreen of nature that has a Strong Tower that symbolizes the beauty and creativity of life. Oh, how … Continue reading NATURE OF FLOWERS SPEAK.

Playing around with Yoruba names

I have always loved the name Bayo There is a certain joy to it like Fisayo Even though I don’t know the meaning like Tayo But I will ask my friend, her name is Rayo She knows our landlady Busayo Well, am sure it all means Joy like Ayo Because happy men are called Dayo … Continue reading Playing around with Yoruba names