I am in the hollow of God hands,His wings is my covering. His words, are my vaccine and His spirit that dwells in me, is my divine immunity. The risen Christ in me is my hope of glory. Am not just a survival, i am God's offspring, created in Christ to reign triumphantly in life. … Continue reading POSITIVE CONFESSION OF WHOM I AM.


Jesus went on a Self isolation in the grave for our sins. He was unduly quarantined even though He tested negative to sin. His Resurrection from His Isolation Centre after three days formed the foundation for our release from the lock down by sin. Anyone who has been infected by the virus of sin can … Continue reading THE GREATEST FREEDOM FOR HUMANITY.

For You

Dear daughter of mine This world is full of sadness and joy Learn to master the two so you don’t get hurt Do not open your heart to love nor close to hate I am your father, a man with his own selfishness So when you are growing up to be a woman Learn to … Continue reading For You