Always remember that there is nobody on this earth that does not have problems. You are not the only one that has problems.Challenges are part of life. It is only a dead man that has no challenges.There is no problem that has no solution. There are solutions to the pains you are passing through.The way … Continue reading HOW TO BRACE UP FROM THE SHACKLES OF LIFE.


We never🤷‍♀️ knew meeting people, staying close to them, hugging, shaking hands freely were favours of Almighty God. We never🤷‍♀️ knew that walking freely on the streets meeting friends and loved ones in the other neighborhoods were special favours from God.We never🤷‍♀️ knew that going to work and coming back home freely were sheer favour … Continue reading WE NEVER KNEW.


At this crucial moment that the world is under sedge;due to the unannounced visitation of a dreaded terror guest call "CORONA VIRUS", that has sent thousands of people in the world to their early grave and also cause a lot of untold hardship on ordinary people in the world; Nigeria Government seems it as a … Continue reading CORONA VIRUS AN AVENUE FOR CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA POLITICAL CIRCLE.

The Cancer of Tribalism in Nigeria

All Progressive in life are precarious, the solution of one problem bring us face with another problem. On january 1st,1914,the British government, in a deft political manoeuvre, proclaimed the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates and change the political destiny of the geographical entity known today as Nigeria. The imperativeness of living together irrespective … Continue reading The Cancer of Tribalism in Nigeria

Playing around with Yoruba names

I have always loved the name Bayo There is a certain joy to it like Fisayo Even though I don’t know the meaning like Tayo But I will ask my friend, her name is Rayo She knows our landlady Busayo Well, am sure it all means Joy like Ayo Because happy men are called Dayo … Continue reading Playing around with Yoruba names

The Hospital

A hospital of broken beds, that’s where I am Cracked walls with old window frames Some of the louvres are covered with papers Cobwebs hanging from the old weak ceilings The old stain of blood that has formed a map Boldly printed on the cement floor with pothole And the smell of drugs mixed with … Continue reading The Hospital