I am more concern about the nature of flower than other plants of life. Oh, how pleasant and crescent blooming flowers are that epitomizes a paradise on earth visualizing the Biblical Golden Garden of Eden. Flowers are evergreen of nature that has a Strong Tower that symbolizes the beauty and creativity of life. Oh, how … Continue reading NATURE OF FLOWERS SPEAK.

Speaking with sickness

I have found true love in my inner reflection And I can tell you it's not close to perfection Yet I am working daily to fight that adversity Holding and preventing my soul's prosperity So I have now learned to enjoy my solitude I know success is when you keep trying Ignoring backbiters when they … Continue reading Speaking with sickness

Profit of Loss

I wish they did not know the sadness they create The blood streaming from the lifeless bodies I wish they did not know the powers of their machines However, they know; to them it is about the profit The drops of tears, flowing nonstop I wish it did not stain their wears The loneliness and … Continue reading Profit of Loss


Welcoming Message

Dear Readers, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Power in Numbers Blog, my name is Eggy Jonson (Online Name), a development economist but writing poetry and short stories is something I also love doing very much. I am from Africa, and I have to tell you, in Africa we have strong … Continue reading Welcoming Message