The Cancer of Tribalism in Nigeria

All Progressive in life are precarious, the solution of one problem bring us face with another problem. On january 1st,1914,the British government, in a deft political manoeuvre, proclaimed the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates and change the political destiny of the geographical entity known today as Nigeria. The imperativeness of living together irrespective … Continue reading The Cancer of Tribalism in Nigeria


A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’

 Its mind boggling that Nigerians are witnessing, in the 21st Century the Hotchpotch of problems.  It is all the back and forth, the circumlocution of the merry-go round, to fix the homogeneous challenge facing Nigerians in South Africa. Who will bell the cat in this gruesome deception and melodrama? I receive with utmost discontentment and … Continue reading A wake-up call for Nigerians ‘’for the mighty hills has falling’’

Hon. Guest

Ah! Here they come The ones that claim we elected them With their black 'jeeps' and tinted windows Dressed in their white on white agbadas With uniform men running around Waving their guns to open doors for the civilian While thousands of civilians are being massacred Here they are, protectors of the realm dinning with … Continue reading Hon. Guest