People will say negative things about you- you can choose to let it define you, confine you, outshine you or you choose to move on and leave it behind. No matter what is said, don't let it change your inner climate. No one can hurt your feelings or depress you other than what you allow … Continue reading WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOURSELF?


What a life without you by my side singing to me the Rhythm of true love. What a life without you, Caressing my bruised heart,with your soothing love. What a life without you,Giving me the Comfort of life. My TREASURE! Life is blissful with you by my side filling my Cup with the seed's of … Continue reading WHAT A LIFE WITHOUT YOU.

LOVE, AGE, RACE and Distance

Love, as we all know, is a feeling that is not predictable, when you fall in its path; it is hard to fall out of it, when it is genuine. Age on the other hand is sometime that shows yearly if not daily, it is easy to predict and no matter how old you get, … Continue reading LOVE, AGE, RACE and Distance